Years of civil war, which is still ongoing, have largely destroyed not only the country but also the hope of the people.

Therefore, our employees offer projects in the form of help for self-help.

Natural medicine, grown in their own gardens and produced by locals in their own health posts, is the central component. The project management is based on the well-known and proven concept of ANAMED.

Programs of this kind not only promote people’s health, they also rebuild long-stunted self-confidence among the largely independent local employees in the health posts.

ANAMED: “Action Natural Medicine in the Tropics”
O Bom Samaritano is based on the discoveries of this rediscovered plant.

For more information, see this website.

Natural Medicine and Health Houses

We have a total of 73 health houses in 4 different districts: Monapo, Memba, Mossingual and Mossuril.
In 2018, there were about 45,000 treatments for sick people there, as well as wound treatments.

In 2019, 2 new health houses were inaugurated, where between 1 and 6 health workers are trained and taught about the preparation of natural medicines, treatment of the sick, practical units and other topics during the monthly seminar days. They work on a voluntary basis.
In 2019, the 243 health workers passed on what they learned from us in more than 2000 lessons and visited 700 sick and elderly people at home , where they provided them with our medicines.

Orphans program

In the villages where there are health houses, we also offer an orphanage program, which is currently attended by about 1500 orphans. These children receive clothes and school materials from us twice a year.

Project leader: Myriam Wahr from Germany is a trained nurse with years of experience and additional training in natural medicine.

Locations: Monapo, Memba, Mossingual and Mossuril

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