Vulnerable, defensless and helpless

that’s what children are in many countries around the world.

Protecting children in every country and in every society is a matter close to our hearts, because abuse in any form leaves deep scars on a child’s soul. That is why we are committed to child protection – without compromise.

To this end, we support our local employees in creating adapted protection concepts.

Each protection concept contains:

  • A risk analysis of the respective service, on the basis of which the child protection guideline is created
  • A code of conduct
  • The analysis and revision of application procedures and employee reviews
  • Training sessions to raise awareness among staff, children and parents
  • Information on local legislation
  • Establishment of reliable complaint channels
  • An elaborated intervention plan in case of an emergency (which hopefully will never happen).

Based on appreciation and respect for each child, we develop an environment in which children can develop healthily and safely.

In addition, we expect every staff member and visitor to a service who works with children to have

  • an extended police clearance certificate
  • reading our child protection policy
  • signing our code of conduct

In this way, we do our best together to prevent and combat child abuse.

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