Transparency is important to us.

That is why we have joined the Transparent Civil Society initiative.
We commit to make the following ten items of information available to the public and to keep them up to date.

1) Name, registered office, address, and year of foundation

Aid Expand e.V.
Registered office in 52379 Langerwehe
Address: Amselweg 27, 52379 Langerwehe
Year of foundation: 2015

2) Organizational goals

  • Support for solution-oriented financial and technical cooperation and education in the majority world,
  • Medical aid in regions of poverty,
  • Commitment based on our understanding of responsibility towards our fellow human beings, respect for those who think differently
    and -living and “reverence for life” in the sense of Albert Schweitzer and a Christian humanism,
  • Selfless support of persons who fulfill the requirements of § 53 AO, within the scope of the possibilities of the association.

Here you will find our complete articles of association.

3) Details of tax concession

Registred at Tax office Düren.
Tax number: 2O7/5745/0891.
Notice of exemption for 2019 for corporate income tax, date: 09/23/2020.
You can find the current notice of exemption here

4) Name and function of key decision-makers

Chairman of the Board of Management: Jürgen Otten, Langerwehe
Members of the Board of Management: Angelika Höflich, Susanne Fitz, Marlene Poth

5) Activity report

to the activity report 2020

6) Personnel structure

3 volunteers in Germany (administrative and representative activities)

7) Information on the source of funds

to the source of funds 2020

8) Information on the use of funds

to the use of funds 2020
to the statement of assets and liabilities 2020

9) Corporate law connections with third parties

Aid Expand e.V. is an autonomous and independent association with no corporate ties to third parties.

10) Names of persons whose annual payments represent more than 10% of the total annual budget.

In fiscal year 2020, there were no grants that accounted for more than 10% of our total annual income.