Who we are

Doreen and Andy Zuberbuehler, the founders of Timothy Project have lived in the Philippines with their 3 children for over 12 years. They have worked with various organizations in orphanages, among street children, livelihood projects, among indigenous tribes and in disaster relief.
They are excited to bring their experience to Timothy Project and to implement new projects with their team in order to primarily

Timothy Project is an independent, local corporation, with the focus to help the poor people in the Philippines in a sustainable way, to support them with words and deeds.
More info can be found on the website timothy-project.online.

Our country of operation

Despite the economic boom, the Philippines is a bitterly poor country. About 50% of the population has to get by with 2 € or less a day.
In the slums and remote provinces, children in particular suffer from poverty. Many are malnourished or extremely neglected.
Young people often have hardly any opportunity to complete a proper education and struggle through life with poorly paid unskilled jobs.

Location: Apayao and Bukidnon, Philippines

The vision of Timothy Project International Mission is to help the poor, youth and children in the Philippines and to teach them new values that will give them hope and a future.

Our projects

Homework assistance for those most in need

According to UNICEF, poverty in the Philippines is the biggest barrier to education for all children. For hungry, frightened families living in informal settlements, school is hardly a priority.
Government schools are generally free, but those who cannot afford the uniforms and school materials and go to school hungry quickly lose out.
An empty stomach doesn’t like to learn!
Due to the Corona crisis and more than a year without attendance school, this situation has again drastically worsened. Now it is enormously important that these children reconnect with the school system.
We can thus provide them with a permanent way out of the vicious circle of poverty and exploitation – in accordance with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Goal 4 – Inclusive, equitable and quality education.

The project helps children from precarious backgrounds to attend school. They receive a meal every day so that they can concentrate on their lessons. Learning assistants support the children with their homework or problems.
As a result, the children’s school performance will improve, absenteeism will decrease, and more students will graduate from school.
Improved educational opportunities and career prospects for poor children increase social mobility and create greater educational equity.

This project is part of our long-term strategy in the Philippines:
For several years now, we have been supporting a school built in the middle of the jungle for children from the Aeta tribe. We are also already supporting some children in Malaybalay, Mindanao to attend school.

If we can find more funding support, we can scale the project even larger and thus continue the project in the long term.

Lighthouse – Home for Kids

We opened the Lighthouse in Malaybalay, Mindanao in September 2017 to address a great need. Bukidnon is a beautiful province in the hilly north of the island of Mindanao. But the province is also one of the poorest in the Philippines, with 58.7% of the population living in abject poverty. With fast internet, unfortunately, the danger of children and babies being exploited by pedophiles or cybersex criminals also spreads.

There was not a single place for unwanted children. Infants were simply put in juvenile detention centers or babies suddenly disappeared. With the Lighthouse, we now offer a loving, family-like home for up to 15 babies and children.
Our greatest wish, however, is to find a family for each child. That is why we invest ourselves – where possible – in birth families, work with adoption and, in the future, with foster parents. In doing so, we pursue the goal that every child may grow up in a family!

Through EQUIP, we help young people complete school and training, develop their talents and discover God’s plan for their lives.

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