• Heart of Hope - Nigeria

The Nigerian coat of arms bears the motto Unity and faith, peace and progress.

In this spirit, our employees are founding a kindergarten financed by sponsorships for children from financially disadvantaged families, which is to develop over the coming years into a school encompassing all grades.

Project-Location: From, center of Nigeria

Project Management
Kids of Hope was founded by Stefanie and Dachung John, who also chair Heart of Hope International Ministry. Stefanie is German, Dachung Nigerian. Stefanie is a qualified primary school teacher. They have lived in Nigeria with their four children since 2010.

With a donation you will enable “Kids of Hope” to build another classroom.
Thus make it possible for many generations of students from disadvantaged backgrounds to receive a quality education.

What makes this project special

In 2016, the kindergarten started with 18 children. Since September 2019, “Kids of Hope” already educates 120 children aged 3 to 8 years.
Until now, “Kids of Hope” was located in rented premises. In January 2019, “Heart of Hope” purchased a 3.18 hectare plot of land on which 3 classrooms have already been built.
Much of the running costs are covered by the sponsorship program, while some families with good incomes cover the cost of their child themselves. As the school grows and gains a good reputation among local residents, we expect increasing numbers of families to pay their own school fees. This will allow the school to become more and more self-supporting.

Current project:

Extension of Kids of Hope Elementary School

This project has been implemented since mid-December 2020:
The primary target group of the project are children of elementary school age in the catchment area of the school, who will have the opportunity for primary education within reach through the extension of the elementary school (approximately 25 children per class, 75 children in total).

The secondary target groups of the project are: (1) the staff, especially the educational staff of Kids of Hope Primary School, (2) the representatives* of the other elementary school as well as the education authorities in Jos South Local Government Area, and (3) the families of the elementary school children, parents/grandparents and siblings (with an average household size of 6 people per class, approximately 150 people, 450 people in total).

Grant amount: Total of 48.510€ from the Schmitz Foundations (Germany)

Project duration: 1 year

Our experience in project work so far

Since its inception, the activities carried out included the following: (1) Drilling of boreholes, (2) Rehabilitation/repair of a collapsed house, (3) Medical outreach where people received free medical care (target group: people who either do not have access to medical care or do not have money to pay for it), (4) Support for people who could not pay for a longer hospital stay or a vital operation in cooperation with the “Hesed Fund” foundation.
Financing: In the initial phase, the project work was mainly financed by private supporters from Germany and England, who supported individual children within the framework of the sponsorship program. The above mentioned purchase of the land and the first construction phase (three classrooms) were also co-financed by donations.
However, in connection with the purchase of the land and the first phase of construction in 2019, the first grant funds were also acquired from foundations: The US-based Kairos 601 Foundation funded part of the land price and the construction of 3 classrooms.
Heart of Hope International Ministry has experience in implementing and accounting for projects with external international funds from this collaboration.

Other funding requests:
With Cents4Help program of Bosch company Germany (successful application for 7,500 EUR for further expansion of the school, paid in summer 2020).

Heart of Hope International Ministry regularly prepares project and annual reports, which can be sent if necessary.

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